i-Solutions Decision Support System

Improve Operation Efficiency and Business Performance

An interactive computer-based system designed to help decision maker use communication technology, data, document, knowledge and modeling to identify and solve problems, complete decision tasks, and make quicker, smarter decisions, complementing intuitive judgment so as to improve efficiency and performance.

i-WAYS Platform Serves Professionals in Different Levels

Executive Support System

(Executive Support System)

Senior management

Decision Support System

Middle and senior management

First data analysis BI platform in auto industry

Staff and middle management

Start from Scenes, to Understand Users Decision In-depth

Start with your work situation and build an intelligent decision scenario. Interactive computer system uses analysis model and decision simulator embedded with business decision model to identify opportunities and problems, simulate decision scheme, and ultimately make efficient, fact-based decisions.

  • Sales target management

    Set up sales target based on market forecast, and assure target achievement by real-time alert and timely adjustment

  • Pricing management

    Aiming at sales target achievement, set new car price and current model incentives relying on quantitative modeling

  • Dealer management

    Assist automakers planning dealer network and enhancing retail channel performance

  • Sales target optimization

    Monitor and assess multidimensional marketing indicators, alert and optimize risky marketing indexes to help achieve sales target

  • Annual model modification

    Assist automakers on product model year, new generation upgrades for equipment optimization

  • Product planning

    Provide auto market situation and trend analysis to assist automakers to plan product line and define product positioning and targets

  • New car launch planning

    Assist new car launch strategy formation and adjustment based on marketing indicator tracking and analysis in different stages of new car launch

  • Sales policy planning

    Analyze competitor policy changes and assist sales policy generation based on market competition

Ways of Scenario Decision-making


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