Corporate Culture

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To become the leading data-based service provider in the global

—— Vision ——

More than simple “digitalization”, the WAYS approach uses IT routing management to organize data that can drive the creation of applications and analytical solutions with strong technical support and algorithm-based data modeling tools. It is at once a systematic data manipulation suite and a decision-making support and analysis application. Data analysis, research consulting and IT solutions empower WAYS to be the frontrunner in auto industry.

Today’s automotive industry spans both legacy and leading technologies that include conventional internal combustion engine vehicles, new energy vehicles, new mobility approaches, auto finance, and after market applications. WAYS breakthrough system evolved from significant financial and human capital investments, and WAYS can serve the entire automotive industry with an automated approach that provides insight-driven business solutions in real time. China has become the largest automotive market in the world and has done so with continuous development of the intelligent connected vehicle, leading the trend toward international integration. WAYS will always think internationally and act globally.

To lead and promote informatization in auto industry

—— Mission ——

Any group of individuals can join together to meet specific goals, but a group becomes an enterprise only when the members of the group share a common underlying, value-driven business culture can they truly unite and become something more than the sum of the individual talents. If vision is a directional long-term goal, the mission is the sense of responsibility followed in mind and the value of all the actions of the enterprise.

Our “informatization” follows three pathways: integrating internal data and external data of auto makers; creating a common data language among auto makers, suppliers and dealers; and uniting the perspectives of auto makers and users.


Mission and Vision give direction to company’s development and strategy while values dictate what action should be taken to accomplish vision and mission, in other words, company values have an oversized impact on the extent to which goals are achieved.

Every WAYS-er should be appreciative of and helpful to individuals and the team; stay hungry and stay focused on progress toward the common company goal. As to teamwork, departments should collaborate closely and integrate their myriad of strengths to continue to be innovation leaders in the auto industry. From the company perspective, adherence to the philosophy of “customer first” is paramount, and WAYS-ers are committed to addressing problems by delving into underlying causes and providing optimal solutions that help customers to achieve their goals.