Campus Recruitment

WAYS provides exciting opportunities and challenges! At WAYS, you will be working with your teammates who are full of energy, creativity and sincerity on daily basis. You will learn through not only from technical and business training, but also from real-life practice and project delivery. WAYS strives for being the best place to work for our employees.

Diversified Training for DMA Talents

We provide broad opportunities and thorough training in the areas of quantitative analytics and business consulting.

  • Data


  • Modeling

    Quantitative analysis,
    holographic modeling

  • Analyst

    Nurture special talents for
    analysis and consulting field

Mentoring Diversified Training Task-based Training
  • Coached by different subject experts with long-term goal and short-term goal
  • Tailored training program
    by knowledge sharing
    and periodical review
  • Hands-on training under the guidance and help from experienced team members while working on assignments

Growth with WAYS

  • Davis

    I joined WAYS 2 years ago, first as an intern and later became a fulltime employee. During the past three years, I went through excitement, at the beginning, confusion in the halfway, and the fulfillment nowadays. I learned that I should have the courage and determination to tackle any difficulties I encounter. With the rapid changing from a data provider to a high-end consulting company, I realize that I need to continuously working on skillset improvement in order to keep up with the pace of WAYS’ evolvement. I have confident in myself that I will shine on the career platform WAYS provides.

  • Alice

    WAYS is the company that provided me the first job in my life and I have been with WAYS for 3 years. While work can sometimes be interesting or boring, the joy of sharing and acknowledgement kept me going. The motivation comes from the excellent teamwork and friendly environment.I find working together to do the best we can everyday is very challenging yet fulfilling. It is about persistence, consistent, and self-improvement.

  • Ben

    I chose WAYS as my first job because of my passion for data. Knowing I have so much to learn, I started from the basics, from data collection, checking, analysis, data presentation, to project management. I have always been amazed by data and what are behind of those numbers. I have to say that I have grown together with WAYS in the past 3 years, from a fresh data processor to a supervisor. WAYS gives me the environment to develop and to improve. This experience has significant influence on my career goal.

Positions for College Students