Quantitative Decision-Making System

WAYS quantitative decision-making system consists of 3 parts: econometric modeling & business consulting, market monitoring & analysis, and BI system.

  • Efficient

    Establishing a platform that enables systemic and robust business decision-making process.

  • Accurate

    Deriving market dynamic patterns & business rules by quantification through massive product and market data both offline and online, historical and current.

  • Robust

    Allowing consistency & stability in business decision-makings by reducing subjectivities.

  • Preemptive

    Taking proactive actions base on thorough market analyses and holistic market environment forecasts.

Econometric Modeling and Strategic/Tactic Business Consulting
Intelligent Approach Leads to Optimized Business Decision

As an industry leader in advanced analytics with proven records in econometric modeling and optimizations as well as business applications based on massive market, product, and consumer data, we provide our clients assistance in both long term business strategies and short term operational tactics throughout the product lifecycle.

  • Comprehensive
    and objective

    We extract market mechanism, quantify market patterns, and derive business insights based on massive market data.

  • Thorough/

    We provide business relevant and practical solutions armed by quantified market patterns and insights.

  • Multidimensional

    We identify and quantify the relationships among key factors by developing econometric models and utilizing advanced statistical methodologies/techniques.

Market Monitoring and Analysis

360-Degree Market In-depth Analysis

In addition to cleansing and integrating product, marketing, sales, and consumer data from various sources, we conduct comprehensive data descriptive and multivariate correlation studies to help OEMs understand the market history, current status, and future trend in order to make subsequent responding plans and strategies more informative.


categories of data which have all gone through cleansing, validating, and integrating process

Business Intelligent System

A highly effective and efficient business intelligent system and analytical tool that allows you to quickly access data, easily conduct routine analysis based on massive amount of data, and gain business insights.
  • Integrated

    Massive data of various sources and types have been standardized and linked

  • Efficient

    Highly visualized data, user-friendly interface, and flexible functions

  • Convenient

    Available via various channels such as PC, iPad and iPhone for in-time data query